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Beginner Guitar Lessons

The Fundamentals

These lessons are perfect for those of you that are brand new to the guitar or revisiting the basics of guitar.

Things to know before starting the guitar
How to learn guitar by yourself
Guitar Tips for Beginners
Top 15 guitar terms you must know
How to tune a guitar
Easily remember guitar string names
Play with pick or fingers?
How to read guitar chord charts
How to hold a guitar pick
How to read guitar tabs
Learn the notes on the guitar neck
Beginner Guitar Chords
Top 5 tips to nail chord changes
Barre chords for beginners

Beginner Guitar Chords Lessons

Whether you're learning acoustic or electric guitar, these are fundamental guitar chords you need to learn.

Moving Forward

There are lots of paths to take when you move past the basics. These are my suggested paths and lessons for taking that next step in your guitar-playing journey.

Guitar Theory Lessons

Understanding Theory

Music theory helps you understand music, and guitar theory helps you understand music theory as it relates to the guitar.

Understanding Chords

These lessons help you understand advanced chords, diatonic harmony, chord progressions, and how guitar chords are built.

Playing Scales

These lessons will teach you how to play and visualize scales.

Understanding Scales

These scale lessons mostly pertain to the construction of scales and the differences between scales.

Guitar Technique Lessons

Guitar Gear

Understanding Gear

These guitar lessons will help you understand the pros and cons of guitar gear, how guitar gear works, and whether or not you need particular guitar gear.

General Guitar Education

Guitar educators/education

These posts showcase the best resources you can use for your overall guitar education.



While these aren't formal guitar lessons, they'll help you understand the instrument as a whole and its history.