5 Easy Shred Licks for Rock Guitar

If you’re looking for some new licks to add to your vocabulary then this is the lesson for you!

Here I’m going to give you 5 easy shred licks for rock guitar.

5 Easy Shred Licks For Rock Guitar

Shred guitar doesn’t have to be hard. As a matter of fact, shred guitar can be relatively easy as long as you learn some simple shred techniques! Some of the best shred techniques to learn, and the ones used in these licks are:

  • Hammer-ons
  • Pull-offs
  • Tapping
  • Sweeping in one direction
  • Alternate Picking

Easy Shred Licks Tab

All 5 Shred Licks 1
5 Easy Shred Licks for Beginner Guitarists

Shred Guitar Lick 1

This is a string skipping lick in the first position of A Minor Pentatonic.

Easy A Minor Pentatonic String Skipping Guitar Lick

Here you can learn more about pentatonic scales: 5 Pentatonic Scale Shapes for Guitar (Major Pentatonic)

Shred Guitar Lick 2

This is a simple whole tone lick on the G and B strings.

Easy Whole Tone Shred Guitar Lick

Shred Guitar Lick 3

This is a lick that moves diminished arpeggios up in minor 3rds (3 frets at a time).

Easy Diminished Shred Guitar Lick

Shred Guitar Lick 4

This is an E minor lick in the style of Eddie Van Halen. You can use hammer-ons, or alternate pick it if you’re feeling up to it!

Easy A Minor Shred Guitar Lick

Shred Guitar Lick 5

This is a tapping lick that works well for most modes of G Major/ E Natural Minor.

Easy E Minor Tapping Fusion Shred Guitar Lick

If you don’t know much about guitar tapping, then here’s a great article for you!

Guitar Tapping Basics for Beginners (Finger Tapping Exercises)

5 Easy Shred Licks Conclusion

Now that you’ve learned 5 easy shred licks, why don’t you try applying them?

Incorporate them into a solo.

Play them over a backing track.

Rock on, shredder!