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This easy F chord guitar lesson shows you how to play the F chord with ease!

You’ll learn basic finger placement, easy F alternatives, and tips for using the shapes.

Easy F chord

The easy F chord can be made by removing the barred fret on the high E, and incorporating the third fret of the A string. Follow these finger placement steps to make the Easy F:

  1. Place your index (1) finger on the first fret of the B string
  2. Place your middle (2) finger on the second fret of the G string
  3. Place your pinky (4) finger on the third fret of the D string
  4. Place your ring (3) finger on the third fret of the A string

This will give you an easy F guitar chord with the same notes as the popular barre shape, but removes the stress of the barre!

Just remember to not play the E strings, both high and low.

Easy F Chord Guitar No Bar

Alternative Easy F Chords

Here are two easy f chord alternatives. They’re just as easy as the first shape, but not quite as common, especially for beginners.

Easy F alternative 1

The most common easy F alternative is arguably the open D shaped F chord.

Simply take your open D chord and slide it up 3 frets to get this F chord shape!

Easy F alternative 2

This F chord alternative is played further up the fretboard at the 10th fret of strings D,G, and B. The chord is based off an open A chord.

Easy F Chord Guitar Practice

Practice the first easy F chord shape by playing an Open C chord, then moving your middle finger down to the G string’s second fret, and placing your pinky finger on the third fret of the D string.

This is depicted in this diagram.

Practicing easy F alternatives

To practice the easy f chord alternatives, simply play the open chord shape the alternative is based on, and move that open chord to the new position!

This process is called transposition. It’s a valuable process to know, and I teach beginner guitarists to incorporate it into their guitar practice routines.

Easy F Chord Video Lesson

Here’s the accompanying easy F guitar chord video lesson!

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Moving onto barre chords

You’ll still want to practice barre chords. They’re used for a lot more chords than F!

Here’s a lesson on how to play barre chords.

But until you learn how to barre, you can continue to use the easy f chord guitar alternatives/variations.