Top 10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Guitar (2023)

There are 1000’s of YouTube Guitar teachers and players, but you only need to watch a few of them if you want distraction free learning.

Luckily, they’re laid out for you in this list.

These are the 10 best YouTube channels to learn guitar in 2023, and they’ll take your playing from beginner to pro.

Marty Music

Marty Music is well-known for teaching guitar to beginners, with his most popular video being a beginner acoustic lesson with over 10 million views!

On top of breaking down the fundamentals of guitar, Marty’s channel is also home to a plethora of song lessons.

Lastly, I learned about the Dorian Mode from Marty, which happens to be my favorite musical mode.

Justin Guitar

Justin Sandercoe has one of the oldest guitar channels on YouTube, and his website has testimonials from Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Steve Vai, Pierre BenSusan, and even Steve Wozniak!

I remember learning rock guitar licks from Justin Guitar when I got my first electric guitar! I linked to this exact video below.

No matter what genre you play, Justin has lesson videos for you.

Guitar Lessons 365 Song

This is my favorite guitar channel for learning songs.

Seriously, I don’t know where I’d be without Guitar Lessons 365.

I learned the Best of Times Guitar Solo and the entirety of For The Love of God by Steve Vai from him.

Check him out for any of your song-learning needs.

Here’s my favorite guitar riff lesson from him.

Rick Beato

Rick Beato is a former guitar professor, and a well-rounded music theory teacher and expert.

His guitar lessons are catered towards an advancing audience, which was a hole that he filled well on YouTube.

But Rick Beato doesn’t just have one of the best YouTube channels to learn guitar. He also has incredible series of interviews, song breakdowns, and awesome “top 20” lists like this one.

Make sure to check out Rick for any of your guitar theory needs.

Paul Davids

Paul Davids has one of the most entertaining YouTube channels for guitarists.

This entertaining video style has made him one of the largest guitar YouTubers, having a channel with over 3 million subscribers!

On top of being an entertainer, his teaching is easy to understand, and his playing is quite tasteful.


When it comes to pop music and beginner guitar playing, for3v3rfaithful is your ideal instructor.

I learned about her channel from a guitar student, and while she doesn’t teach music that I play, she teaches music that encourages a younger generation of guitar players to pick up the instrument, and the guitar world needs teachers like that.


For all you metalheads and shred guitarists Bernth is your guy.

Bernth is a shred till your dead machine, and he’ll teach you how to melt off faces.

Lastly , Bernth is a great songwriter! Here’s one of his songs.

Andy Guitar

Andy Guitar has one of the best YouTube Channels to learn guitar and ukulele.

The lessons are catered to a general beginner and intermediate audience.

This means rather than capturing an audience with traditional guitar song lessons, he teaches things like “Happy Birthday Easy Guitar Tutorial” and “Play Ten Guitar Songs with Two Easy Chords“.


JamPlay is a well-rounded channel and website with 1000’s of guitar lessons.

Their lessons are usually snippets of what you can find in their complete guitar courses.

JamPlay has a wide variety of guitar learning material, but I find their rock guitar lessons to be the best.

Here’s one of my favorite lessons from them.


Saving one of my favorite channels ever for last, TrueFire boasts an absolutely incredible library of instructors.

This includes Steve Vai, Johnny Hiland, Pat Martino, Tommy Emmanuel, Robben Ford, Andy Timmons, Tim Miller, Josh Smith, and John Stowell.

With a massive lineup of instructors, TrueFire is bound to have the ideal teacher for you.

Conclusion: Best YouTube Channels to Learn Guitar

These are the top 10 best YouTube channels to learn guitar.

No matter where you’re at in you’re guitar playing, one of these channels can give you a boost.

And remember, this is my list of top 10. You can make your own list as well!

Let me know which YouTube Guitar channel is your favorite in the comments below!