Fmaj9 Guitar Chord Chart | F Major 9 (Easy)

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How do you play Fmaj9 on guitar?

In this lesson you’ll look at two common Fmaj9 guitar chord voicings, and learn how the Fmaj9 chord is built.

You can play an Fmaj9 chord anywhere by combining the notes F,A,C,E, and G. You can substitute the 5th note, C, for one of the other notes in the chord.

This is a common practice on guitar because of the limited number of fingers and strings guitarists have.

Notes in the Fmaj9 chord

There are 5 notes in the Fmaj9 chord:


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Fmaj9 guitar chord easy

This is the easy, open position Fmaj9 guitar chord.

Fmaj9 Guitar chord easy/ open position

Fmaj9 guitar finger position

The Fmaj9 finger position is easy. Position fingers 3 and 1 two frets apart at fret 3 of the D string. From there, place each finger on the respective fret numbers matching each finger’s name.

The Fmaj9 finger position is easy. Place finger 3 on the 3rd fret D string, and finger 1 on the 1st fret B string. From there, play strings D,G,B, and E, leaving the G and high E strings open.

Fmaj9 jazz guitar voicing

This is a common jazz voicing for Fmaj9.

It omits the 5th interval, resulting in a 1-3-7-9 interval structure.

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Fmaj9 jazz voicing

Fmaj9 further explained

Other names for Fmaj9

Fmaj9 may also be written as:

F Major 9 – F Major ninth – F Maj9

What is the difference between F9 and Fmaj9?

The difference between F9 and Fmaj9 is the 7th interval. F9 has a minor 7th interval, resulting in the note Eb. Fmaj9 has a major 7th interval, resulting in the note E.

What scale uses Fmaj9?

Fmaj9 is usually used in the keys of F major or C Major.

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