Minor Scale Chords Guitar Lesson

Natural minor scale chords

There are seven natural minor scale chords, just like the major scale has seven major scale chords. These chords in order are:


For example, using the A minor scale, whose notes are A-B-C-D-E-F-G, you get these chords:

A Minor – B Diminished – C Major – D Minor – E Minor – F Major – G Major

You can derive these same chords from the major scale by starting from the 6th (vi) diatonic chord/degree of the major scale.

Minor scale chords formula

The chords formula for a minor scale remains the same no matter what minor key you are using. This means the diatonic minor chords formula for every key is:


If you want to learn more about the minor scale formula in general, then check out this post.

Minor scale chords roman numerals

There are seven roman numerals associated with the minor scale. They are:

  • i: Minor
  • ii°: Diminished
  • III: Major
  • iv: Minor
  • v: Minor
  • VI: Major
  • VII: Major

If you don’t know, the minor numerals are notated with lowercase numerals, and the major numerals are notated with capitalized numerals.

Whenever a numeral is diminished, a “°” is placed after it.

Minor Scale Chords Chart

Here’s a minor scale chords chart showing the order of chords for every single minor key.

Minor Scale Chords Key Chart Guitar

Minor Chords Key PDF

Minor Scale Chords Guitar Summary

Simply use the formula you learned to find the minor scale chords for any key.

Practice them one after another in multiple keys, and you’ll master these chords on guitar in no time!