E Minor Arpeggio Guitar Lesson

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Learn how to play an E minor arpeggio in this E minor arpeggio guitar lesson.

E Minor Arpeggio Notes

An E minor arpeggio has 3 notes. These notes are E-G-B.

An E minor arpeggio can be found diatonically in the keys of E minor, B Minor, and A Minor.

E Minor Arpeggio Guitar Tabs

These are the E minor CAGED arpeggios.

The shapes are based on the following chords:

Shape 1: Open E Minor
Shape 2: Open D Minor
Shape 3: Open A Minor

E minor arpeggio tab 1

E Minor Arpeggio Tab 1

E minor arpeggio tab 2

E Minor Arpeggio Tab 2

E minor arpeggio tab 3

E Minor Arpeggio Tab 3

E Minor Arpeggios Guitar TABs PDF

This is all three E minor CAGED arpeggios tabs in a single PDF.

E Minor Arpeggios Guitar Fretboard Diagram

E Minor Arpeggio Guitar Fretboard Diagram

E Minor Arpeggios Fretboard PDF

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