10 Advanced Guitar Chords That Sound Awesome

10 Advanced Guitar Chords and How to Play Them

Learn how to take your guitar playing to the next level with advanced guitar chords. Master complex fingerings and unlock new sounds to enhance your musical repertoire.

Advanced Guitar Chords Video

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How to Play The Advanced Guitar Chords

Here are the advanced guitar chord charts/diagrams accompanied by some basic chord theory.

C Major 7

Interval Structure: 1-3-5-7

C Major 7 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated CMaj7

C Dominant 7 (C7)

Interval Structure: 1-3-5-b7

C Dominant 7 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated C7

C Minor 7

Interval Structure/ Chord Formula: 1-b3-5-b7

C Minor 7 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated CMin7

C Minor 7b5

Interval Structure/ Chord Formula: 1-b3-b5-b7

C Minor 7b5 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated CMin7b5

C Diminished 7

Interval Structure/ Chord Formula: 1-b3-b5-bb7

C Diminished 7 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated CDim7

C Major 13

Interval Structure/ Chord Formula: 1-3-7-13

C Major 13 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated CMaj13

C Dominant 13 (C13)

Interval Structure/ Chord Formula: 1-3-b7-13

C Major 13 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated CMaj13

C Minor 13

Interval Structure/ Chord Formula: 1-b3-b7-13

C Minor 13 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated CMin13

C Minor 11

Interval Structure/ Chord Formula: 1-b3-b7-11

C Minor 11 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated CMin11

C Major 7#11

Interval Structure/ Chord Formula: 1-3-7-#11

C Major 7#11 Guitar Chord, Abbreviated CMaj7#11

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