Unveiling the 10 Best Jazz III Picks: A Guitarist’s Ultimate Guide

best jazz iii picks

Discover the best Jazz III picks for guitarists looking to enhance their playing experience. From superior grip to precise control, these picks are a must-have for any jazz musician. Find out which picks made the cut and take your jazz guitar playing to the next level.

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These are the best jazz iii picks on the guitar market.

In fact, these are the guitar picks that I use, as well as guitar legends like John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, and Kirk Hammett.

And guess what? There’s a suitable jazz iii pick variant for every guitar player, because Dunlop knows how to make a great guitar pick.

Let’s check them out.

Jazz III Guitar Picks | Left to right: Dunlop Jazz III; Kirk Hammett Jazz III; Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III

Best Jazz III Picks Quick Glance

  1. Dunlop Jazz III Red Nylon, 1.38mm
  2. Dunlop Jazz III Black Stiffo, 1.38mm
  3. Dunlop Jazz III XL, 1.38mm
  4. Dunlop Jazz III Ultex, 1.38mm
  5. Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip, 1.38mm
  6. Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip Carbon Fiber
  7. Dunlop Jazz III John Petrucci Signature
  8. Dunlop Jazz III Eric Johnson Signature, 1.38mm
  9. Dunlop Jazz III Primetone, 1.4mm
  10. Dunlop Jazz III Kirk Hammett, 1.38mm

1. Dunlop Jazz III Red Nylon:

Dunlop Jazz III Red Nylon

The original Dunlop Jazz 3 red nylon is one of the most iconic guitar picks of all time. Its small size and heavy thickness of 1.38 helped it to develop this reputation.

Nylon is highly regarded as a high quality guitar pick material, so you can’t go wrong with it.

As for the Jazz iii itself, the pick is sleek and has a well-known ergonomic design That helps your control and speed.

Lastly, the bright red color of this guitar pick can add a vibrant flare to your guitar playing, making it a perfect guitar pick for both visual appeal and precision.

2. Dunlop Jazz III Black Stiffo:

Dunlop Jazz III Black Stiffo

The Dunlop Jazz 3 black Stiffo is just like the red nylon Jazz 3, but rather than using nylon it uses Stiffo.

Stiffo is arguably a more stiff material, and some guitarists prefer it over the traditional nylon feel.

Like the red nylon, this is a very precise guitar pick used across all playing styles, and is especially popular for intricate and advanced guitar techniques. 

And how could you not like that sophisticated, deep black color? 

3. Dunlop Jazz III XL:

Dunlop Jazz III XL

The Dunlop Jazz III XL is perfect for those of you that  prefer a larger size, rather than a smaller size.

This is just like the traditional nylon model, and has the same shape as it, but has more surface area.

If you appreciate the feel and thickness of a traditional Jazz III, but want more wiggle room for your picking fingers, then you’ll probably want to check out the XL!

4. Dunlop Jazz III Ultex:

Dunlop Jazz III Ultex

Moving away from nylon for a minute, the dunlop jazz iii Ultex is durable and never fails to produce bright tones. 

Ultex is robust, and offers exceptional grip quality. This grip quality paired with the comfortable feel of Ultex is what drives guitar players towards using the Jazz III Ultex model.

Overall, you’ll find the Ultex variant to be both reliable and tonally viable.

5. Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip:

Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip

Dunlop’s Jazz III Max Grip seeks to improve upon their original model with the added feature of a non-slip Max Grip surface. This helps to ensure a secure grip for demanding performances and practice sessions.

Ideal for those of you that like the original jazz iii shape but want added grip and control, the Max Grip variant brings together the best of both worlds.

Overall this is one of the best jazz iii pick models, and it’s definitely growing in popularity. If you’re looking for a non-slip grip, a small size, and exceptional precision, then look no further than the Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip.

6. Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip Carbon Fiber:

Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip Carbon Fiber

Perfect for players who demand a sturdier pick with maximum grip, the Carbon Fiber variant adds a touch of modernity to the classic Jazz III design, ensuring a reliable and innovative playing experience.

And that’s right, this guitar pick is made of one of the most durable materials on the planet: carbon fiber!

Aside from that, its features are identical to the nylon Jazz III Max grip.

But why settle for nylon when you can have carbon fiber?

Long story short, if you want a sturdier pick with the best grip, then you’ll love the carbon fiber variant of the Dunlop Jazz 3 Max grip. It’s reliable, it’s small, and it’s one of the most innovative modern guitar picks.

7. Dunlop Jazz III John Petrucci Signature:

Dunlop Jazz III JP Signature

The Dunlop Jazz III John Petrucci signature pick  is arguably the most popular signature Jazz III pick.

And if you don’t know who John Petrucci is, then go and look him up on YouTube,  because he is one of the best progressive metal guitarists of all time.

The thing that makes this one of the best jazz III picks is the unique JP logo grip. Sure, it’s nothing super innovative, but it really does add an extra level of control to the plectrum.

Another thing that sets this guitar pick apart is the material, because it’s made of Ultex. 

Lastly, this guitar pick is a little bit bigger than the standard Jazz 3 nylon model.

So, if you:

  • Love John Petrucci/ Dream Theater
  • Prefer Ultex material
  • Want a logo grip

Then you’ll definitely want to check out this guitar pick!

8. Dunlop Jazz III Eric Johnson Signature:

Dunlop Jazz III Eric Johnson Signature

The Dunlop Jazz 3 Eric Johnson signature is another popular signature guitar pick.

This was created in collaboration with Eric Johnson, which means it reflects his preferences.

The first thing that you will probably notice on this pick is the Grip logo surface, Which displays Eric Johnson’s name.

The next thing you’ll notice if you’re holding this pick is that it’s a little bit larger than the traditional nylon Jazz 3 pick.

Lastly, the tip of this signature pick is slightly more rounded  than a normal Jazz 3 model, which generally has a sharp, pointy tip.

This is a unique take on the Jazz 3 Guitar pick, and it may arguably be the most accessible and comfortable feeling guitar pick on this entire list.

9. Dunlop Jazz III Primetone:

Dunlop Jazz III Primetone

The Dunlop Jazz III Primetone is a unique take on a traditional jazz 3, and is one of the best grip guitar picks.

The 2 most popular sizes for this pick are 1.4mm and 0.88mm. This is nice, because it gives you a medium thickness option and a heavy thickness option to choose from.

The grip texture on primetone picks is very comfortable, and the size helps to ensure that you won’t lose control of the pick.

These are made of Ultex and feature a unique sculpted edge that you won’t find on many other Dunlop guitar picks. 

Overall this is a high quality guitar pick with 2 convenient thickness options, a comfortable grip, and a larger size that may be preferable for guitarists that dislike smaller jazz iii picks.

10. Dunlop Jazz III Kirk Hammett:

Dunlop Jazz III Kirk Hammett Signature

Last but not least, we have the Dunlop Jazz III Kirk Hammett signature model.

The primary feature that sets this pick apart from the other jazz iii picks is the V-shaped cutout where you hold the pick.

This is a grip-style feature that you won’t find on any other guitar picks that I know of. Some people love the feel of it, and others may find it a bit weird-feeling. I don’t mind it.

Another great thing about the Kirk Hammett Jazz iii picks are the colorways! 

You can get it in green or purple sparkle. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want a sparkly purple guitar pick? 

And lastly, it’s cool to use a guitar pick that’s used by one of the most iconic metal guitarists of all time: Kirk Hammett of Metallica. 

Check out this plectrum if you’re a fan of the traditional jazz iii shape and material, but want a new colorway with a unique grip.


Those are the best jazz iii picks. 

Make sure you check all of them out, because I can guarantee that there’s one that you’ll love.

And if you want to check out more guitar picks, then check out my list of best guitar picks for metal.

Good luck on finding your perfect guitar pick!