5 Popular Major Scale Shapes on Guitar (With Video)

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Learn how to play major scale shapes on the guitar with my simple, yet comprehensive guide and video. Learn the different positions and patterns to unlock endless possibilities for creating solos and riffs.

Video Lesson

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Major Scale Shapes Guitar Tabs and Notation

Popular Major Scale Shapes for Guitar with Tabs and Notation

This can technically be broken down into 5 total major scale shapes/ patterns/ types:

  1. 3 notes-per-string major scale shapes (NPS = Notes-Per-String)
  2. Major scales on a single string, which can be created by applying the major scale formula
  3. The most common major scale shape, often found in guitar scale books and popular guitar method books. This is titled “common major shape 2” in the guitar tabs.
  4. The CAGED shapes/ patterns
  5. A 2 notes-per-string major scale shape

The example shown in the tab as “major shape 3 NPS” is what happens when you play a 3 NPS shape and stop at the octave.

Major Scale Shapes Guitar PDF (Printable)

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