How to Play The D Chord on Guitar

Introduction to the D chord on guitar

Learning to play the D chord on guitar is a common first step in a guitarist’s journey. This lesson will help you learn it with ease.

It’s 1 of the 5 foundational open major guitar chords, the other 4 chords being C,A,G, and E.

How to play the open D chord on guitar

The most commonly seen version of the D chord on guitar is the 3 finger, open position shape. This is called the “D shape”.

Here’s how to play the D chord, step-by-step:

  1. Place your middle finger on fret 2 of the high E string
  2. Place your ring finger on fret 3 of the B string
  3. Place your index finger on fret 2 of the G string
  4. Strum all strings starting from the D string. Make sure you don’t play the low E string or A string.

Step 1

Step 1 D Chord on Guitar

Step 2

Step 2 D Chord on Guitar

Step 3

Step 3 D Chord on Guitar
Open D Major Chord on guitar
D Major Open Chord

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Understanding the D chord on guitar

Notes in the D chord

The notes in the D major chord are D,F#, and A.

D chord intervals

1 (root)3 (third)5 (fifth)

Learn about intervals from pudgetsound.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve learned the D chord on guitar you can move onto new things!

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