A Add 11 Guitar Chord Chart | How to Play A11

In this guitar lesson you’ll the most common A add 11 guitar chord shape.

Let’s dive in, and learn how to play this interesting dominant chord.

How to play A Add 11

Here’s the A Add 11 guitar chord chart with finger positions.

A11 Common Chord Chart

This is arguably the most common way to play A Add 11 (A11).

With this shape you’re playing the most important intervals: 1-b7-9-11. This gives you the notes A-G-B-D.

The b7 gives it the dominant sound, and the two additional extensions, the 9th and 11th, give it the name “Add 11”.

A Add 11 guitar chord | A11 5th position

A11, root on the A string

This shape uses the same notes from above, but at the 12th fret of the A

A 11 Guitar Chord Shape 2; 10th position

Understanding the A Add 11 Guitar Chord

The A Add 11 chord (A11) is an A dominant 9th chord + an 11th extension.

It’s often used as a “V” chord in a major I-IV-V chord progression, or as a “I” Chord in a blues chord progression or Mixolydian vamp.

A Add 11 Chord Notes

The notes in an A Add 11 chord are: A-C#-E-G-B-D

Writing A Add 11

This chord can be written/ shown as:

A11 – A Add 11

Omitting the 3rd interval, C#, may result in the name A9Sus4.

A11 Chord Intervals