Guitar Resources

My favorite guitar software, websites, Tools, Gear, and more.

Guitar Skillshare Pic

Brand new to guitar? Then check out this  beginner’s course on Skillshare! You get one month free, so you have no risk

Some of my Favorite YouTube channels

I’ll add more channels to this list in the future, and I’ll be making a much more extensive list of YouTube Guitar channels/players. 

Tim Pierce

Tim Pierce is a session guitarist who provides unique guitar insights from the perspective of someone who has been in the industry for decades. 


TrueFire features world famous guitar instructors, and they have 1000’s of free lessons. 


JustinGuitar has an iconic YouTube channel, and he is very well known and respected. He has tons of high quality lessons for beginner and intermediate guitar players. 

Super Guitar Bros

Super Guitar Bros is an entertainment channel. They cover popular songs from video games such as Zelda and Mario!

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