Guitar Chords In The Key Of B Flat Major (Bb)

Learn guitar chords in the key of B flat major with this simple guide.

What chords are in the key of B Flat Major?

There are seven chords in the key of B flat Major:

Bb Major – C Minor – D Minor – Eb Major – F Major – G Minor – A Diminished

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B flat major scale notes

There are seven notes in the B flat major scale:


Chord shapes in the key of Bb major

Bb Major

Bb Major Guitar Chord

C Minor

Standard C minor guitar chord shape

D Minor

Open D Minor Chord
Open D Minor Chord

Eb Major

Eb Major Guitar Chord

F Major

F Major Barre Chord
F Major Barre Chord

G Minor

G Minor guitar Chord

A Diminished

A Diminished Guitar Chord

7th guitar chords in the key of Bb major (chart)

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