Easy PIMA Guitar Exercises (3 Patterns)

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Check out these effective PIMA guitar exercises that will help you enhance your fingerpicking technique and take your playing to the next level.

PIMA Guitar Fingers Recap

Here’s the complete PIMA Guitar Meaning and Fingers lesson.

PIMA Guitar Fingers

PIMA Guitar Exercises and Basic Patterns

3 Easy PIMA Guitar Exercises and Patterns

Exercise 1: The Forward Roll

Forward Roll PIMA Pattern: P-I-M-A

Chord Used: D Major

Exercise 2: The Forward-Backward Roll

Forward-Backward Roll PIMA Pattern: P-I-M-A-M-A

Chord Progression: A Minor – C Major – E Minor – A Minor

Exercise 3: Skipping Strings

Skipping PIMA Pattern: P-A-I-M

Chord Used: A Major

PIMA Guitar Exercises PDF

Similar to PIMA exercises, hybrid picking exercises work out your fingerstyle fingers (particularly fingers M and A), while also using a guitar pick. This results in the name “hybrid picking”, which refers to a hybrid both the guitar pick and fingers.